Monday, August 31, 2009


Here I sit, on the side of the pool at the Embassy Suites Dorado Beach & Golf Club in Puerto Rico. The temperature is about 80 degrees, there’s a light breeze blowing off the Atlantic Ocean, there are a few children playing in the distance and I can hear the coqui singing in the trees. There’s a lizard on the wall over by the canopy. He is croaking as he hangs on with his toes to the cement. The pelicans fly overhead as they make their way to the lagoon to fish for their supper. The sun has fallen behind the western fa├žade of the hotel bringing shade to the parched ground. There has been rain during the last week but it is brief and although it soaks the ground, it disappears into the dust and foliage as soon as it arrives. The thirsty plants slurp the moisture from the spongy earth.

This has been a relaxing week filled with delicious foods… we’ve eaten mofongo and frittatas, drank our fill of mojitos and gin, and hiked in the rain forest until our brows dripped with perspiration.

Vacation… to vacate… to empty one’s spirit of the everyday stresses of life, to rejuvenate and become whole once again. This was our goal and we have met it with enthusiasm.

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