Monday, October 15, 2012

Bedtime Story

Let me tell you a bedtime story...

I open my eyes and blearily look around the room.  It's barely light outside.  I can see the leaves through the crack between where the window shade ends and the sill begins.  They are turning different hues of orange and red.  I still see a few that are green.  It must be autumn.  The room looks the same as it does each day.  Oddly familiar but strange.  I struggle to sit up.  Everytime I move some part of me hurts.  It feels as though I have been beaten within an inch of my life.  I sigh.  There's no point...  my head feels fuzzy and I can't remember.  After a very long time I stand.  I feel unsteady and grip the bars along the bottom of the bed.   They too seem odd...  I don't recall them being there the last time I stood in this room.   I shuffle along to the door and try the handle.  As usual it's locked.  I walk very slowly back to the bed and stop to rest.  I feel exhausted...  drained...  I look across the polished wooden floor to the mirror hanging just above the dresser.  I stand and walk over to the dresser staring at the woman who looks back at me with hollow eyes and gaunt cheeks.  Part of me knows who she is and why she is here...  but another part of me is filled with rising panic as I stare into her vacant gaze.  Suddently the woman in the mirror sneers at me  spitting epithets and vile accusations.  I cover my ears and turn away in horror.  I cross quickly to the bed and slink under the covers hugging my pillow and rocking myself.  Soon I hear the sound of the door being unlocked and the woman comes into the room.  She reaches out to touch my head and I cringe but she strokes my hair gently.  I hear the sound of her footsteps back across the floor then the click of the lock. And soon I fall back to sleep. 

Who is this woman? 
Why is she locked in this room? 
Why is she so terrified?
What has happened to her? 

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