Sunday, May 10, 2009

We Owe You Our Lives

Happy Mother's Day!! Each of us has a biological Mother. Someone who gave birth to us some years ago. Some of us may have had additional caretakers who assisted in raising us as children. If we are lucky enough to still have our Mother with us, we may have a wonderful relationship with her, or we may wish that relationship was better.

Of all the relationships in our lives there is only one person in the entire world to whom we bond. That person is our biological mother. This bonding takes place in the womb before we are even born. Luckily for Fathers and the remainder of our extended family, there is also attachment. Attachments occurs after we are born. These various types of relationships are an integral part of our lives.

The unique bond that occurs between Mother and child is a lifeline for the child. Newborn infants can detect their Mother by scent even before they can see clearly. They can recognize the sound of her voice. Mother and child have a special connection that feeds the emotional and spiritual parts of the child, allowing the child to thrive.

One this special day of the year, we take a moment to recognize the irreplacable value of Mothers. They are the guardians of the heart and soul of the human race. Regardless of their race, color, national origin, faith or station in life, they are the most important people in each of our lives for we would not be here without them.

Thank you Mothers. We literally, owe you our lives. Happy Mother's Day!!

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