Sunday, May 3, 2009

Why Don't My Kids Want to Visit Me?

25 Reasons Why your Kids Don't Want to Visit You after Divorce By Kenia Maldonado

Ever wonder why your child doesn't want to visit you? Here are 25 reasons to consider.
1. never really built a relationship with the child
2. speaking negatively about the other parent
3. not spending one on one time with the child
4. yelling, screaming and complaining
5. cancel visits
6. make promises you can’t keep
7. show up late for visits
8. being controlling and are not letting the child voice their opinion
9. not asking the child about his/her feelings
10. not planning for the visit in advance (fun activities)
11. mentally and/or physically abusive towards the child
12. neglecting the child’s needs
13. badgering the child to give up information about the other parent
14. not encouraging the child to visit
15.forget the child’s birthday and gift along with other special dates
16. not honest and the child does not trust you
17. blame the divorce on the child or the other parent
18. show favoritism for one child
19. always bring your girlfriend/boyfriend on the visit
20. put your child in uncomfortable situations
21. tell the child to keep secrets from the other parent
22.not allowing the child to speak to the other parent while the child is with you
23. not cool or fun enough to hang out with
24. tell the child “the courts says you have to visit”
25. use a negative tone with the child

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