Monday, July 27, 2009

Lobbying Against the Lobbyists!

I am a single Mom. When my 20 year old son left college to get a full time job he lost his health insurance. He was no longer able to access coverage under his Dad's policy and I cannot afford to pay for COBRA.

I understand that the insurance industry has paid millions of dollars to our congressional representatives in Washington in an attempt to buy their vote "no" on health care reform. The fact that almost 80% of Americans want health care reform seems to have little impact on our congress men and women. They have great health coverage that comes with their job. They seem to be concerned solely with getting re-elected. I am concerned that they are no longer representing us, the American people.

We have a voice and are largely being ignored. Since we can't afford to pay millions of dollars to our congress men and women, they listen to the lobbyists and not to us! This is unacceptable! We are the folks who gave them their jobs.

I believe that health care reform must include a public option that will offer all Americans the same health insurance that our congressional representatives currently enjoy AT OUR EXPENSE!!

This is not a partisan issue. Republicans, democrats and independents are all on the same page. Congress men and women... PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO US, the American people. We are not without a voice any longer!!

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