Friday, March 13, 2009


"Take a lesson from the clock. It passes time by keeping it's hands busy." During recovery we may find ourselves uncomfortable when we are not busy. We may feel uneasy when alone. Our thoughts may lead us down paths we no longer wish to walk. We may find our alone time disturbed by mulling over past events in which we were wounded. Although we are working hard at improving ourselves, times of quiet may evoke voices from the past that cause us pain.

At times like these we can use tools to help change our focus. We can enjoy a hobby, clean out a closet, paint the bedroom, weed the garden, take a walk, go to the gym or just do the dishes. All these tools have one commonality. They are activities. When we feel overwhelmed or just plain low one of the most helpful tools we have in our tool bag is activity. We get ourselves busy and take our mind off our issues. This simple tool gives us a break from carrying the weight of our burdens. We can allow ourselves to change focus.

Activity also brings another benefit. When we get up and move we produce changes in our brain and body chemistry that help to relieve stress. Often times after a difficult day at work the last thing we may want to do is an activity. It may be easier to sit on the couch and feel exhausted. It is then that we are at our most vulnerable. If we find that our thoughts and feelings are becoming problematic, we have our tools available for self care. We become more able to enjoy our own lives and bring joy to those in our lives. In doing so, we give ourselves the gift of self care.

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