Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Are You A Happy Person?

What I have seen thus far of our new President, seems to indicate that he is a happy person. He also seems to be very much in love with his wife. We smile as we see images of him with Michelle, attending the theater in New York, having a romantic dinner in a local DC restaurant, playing with the kids. We see our leader as a happy fulfilled human being as well as our President.

Having a successful relationship with our partner may allow us to feel, in large part, that we are successful in our lives. Being capable in our chosen profession is important to our self image and self esteem, but the happiness level of our partner is a key factor in how we measure our success as persons.

When our partner is essentially happy with themselves, us and our relationship we feel content. Our inner view of ourselves seems balanced. We connect with our partner easily and often, moving in and out of intimacy and communication readily. As we co-exist we produce chemical messengers in our bodies that improve our health and increase our feeling of internal happiness. We are literally hard wired to enjoy connection and our bodies produce chemicals to reinforce that message and feeling.

To that end it is vital for us to increase our skills at building and maintaining our relationships. Effective communication, empathy, patience and compromise are the life blood of our relationships. We invest our time, energy and being into them and need their continued existence for our optimal health.

Just as our country needs an effective President, our relationships need our leadership. We devote ourselves to self care to increase our self esteem. We use our tools in our daily lives allowing us to be centered and emotionally available to our partners. In this way we give ourselves the gift of happiness.


  1. Some days it seems like a lot of work to keep that relationship healthy. I do know that when my hubby is happy, life is good for me too!

    You have a Lovely Blog! Be sure to pick up your award button on my blog :)

  2. Hey Carol,

    Thanks for the award!! We try hard to make the blog a place where relationships can thrive!!

    Appreciate the edification!!

  3. Nice blog. I went through another of your post. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hi Everything Counts - Thanks for the input. I appreciate your words very much. It's nice to know the work is valued.