Tuesday, June 2, 2009

American Terrorism, AlQaida and the Taliban

The Taliban and AlQaida are intolerant groups of terrorist cells who band together to eradicate ideology that they find disagrees with their fundamental religious beliefs. They believe that those who practice different sets of religious principles are a threat to the safety of their society. They believe that justifies killing those who would threaten their way of life.

We here in America have found that to be intolerable. We have gone to war as a result of this ideology, costing thousands of lives, both American, Afghani, Pakistani and Iraqi in the process. We have denounced terrorism as a threat to global security and the possibility of peace in our world. We have stated that we as a nation believe in tolerance of all faiths and beliefs. It is what our country has stood for over the past two hundred plus years of its existence.

I now watch in horror as an American doctor is again assassinated. This time while attending church with his family. He was targeted by violent radical right wing conservative Christian based anti-abortion terrorist cells operating here in America. This is hardly the first assassination carried out by these cells whose repertoire include: repeated bombings, shootings, vandalism and death threats.

It is implausible to me that we are willing to enforce our beliefs that terrorism is unacceptable in the world arena with the lives of our military men and women, yet we take insufficient action here at home. We are more than capable of dismembering these cells here in America and letting those who encourage terrorism suffer the consequences of their actions.

This is not an anti-abortion or pro-choice issue. We cannot allow terrorism to survive here in America with regard to any issue. It is simply not acceptable for people who live in this country to decide to take matters into their own hands due to intolerance, prejudice, differences in ideology or just plain rage. Should we permit this type of behavior to go unpunished, we become that which we despise... a lawless state ruled by the ideology of the strict.

We cannot control what radical right wing media may state publicly, whether on radio, television or in print, but we can control how we participate in allowing them to reap profit based on our viewership. I suggest that whenever we frequent any establishment that airs radical right wing media in any form that we ask graciously that the channel be changed. Maybe if we, the citizens of America, finally refuse to listen to or watch the stoking of the flames of hatred and bigotry, those who perpetrate its message solely for ratings and monetary gain, will finally find something more productive to talk about.

Has our society degenerated into the same terrorism that we abhor in the Taliban and AlQaida?


  1. Why are you promoting intolerance of christians because one man shot Dr. Tiller? This makes no sense. You are doing the same thing that you are condeming by this out and out attack on people that have a different view then you do.

  2. I am curious as to why you post anonymously. If you strongly believe in what you say you might like to post with your ID. Posting anonymously seems a bit... bashful.

    To address your point: Please read my post fully wherein I state: "...violent radical right wing conservative Christian based anti-abortion terrorist cells operating here in America." I am not expressing intolerence of Christians, as you have said, but intolerence of violent extremism. The fact that this particular time the violent extremism happened to be part of a movement of anti-abortionism that is defended by the right wing conservative base is unfortunate. Yes, the final shot was fired by one man, however, he has been involved with more than one group of violent anti-abortion extremists here in the US who praised his action publicly via radio, TV and internet. And, this is by far not the first instance. He has been in prison for prior FACE crimes.

    True Christians would never behave in such a manner and would find violence and extremism as distasteful as I have described in this post.

    My final question to you stands. Has our society degenerated into the same terrorism that we abhor in the Taliban and AlQaida?

  3. I post anonymously for my safety because of the intolerance of the "pro-choice" thinkers that deny the dignity of human life.
    Please define your terms - your choice of words that you use smell of radical left wing extreme liberlism. By even putting christian in your description is then incorrect by your own words. By using anti-abortion and instead of pro-life is another sign of left wing extremism.
    Any true "Pro-Life" group would never behave in such a manner because they value all life. Please point me to any Pro-Life group that has defended and praised this man for shooting George Tiller - I have not seen or heard of any as you claim but quite the opposite.
    Our society yes has degenerated because of the the denial of human dignity by the left wing extremist that praise the selfish act of taking human lives - 50 million and counting at a rate of 3300 per day in USA alone just because that human life is unwanted for selfish reasons rather then taking responsibility.
    So what is your personal view on human life is it valuable or not? What makes any of our lives more valuable then any other? What are your reasons for being for the taking of Human life - the defenseless without a voice - where is their right to life gone?

  4. I am intrigued by the fact that you fear your opposition. Important issues in our country need viable debate. It is imperative that we be capable of disagreeing without becoming disagreeable.

    My personal views are that government has no place in inserting itself in decisions that effect the private lives of its citizens. That is too close to a theocracy. I don't want the tenents of anyones religious beliefs dictating my life.

    Think about this: What happens in the future when Judeo-Christians are no longer the majority in America. That fact is not far away. We may someday be a nation where the majority is of asian indian descent. Are you willing to abide by one of their faiths and make all cows sacred?

    Think carefully about the rules you wish others to follow. Our constitution and bill of rights have a purpose. They are not abstract ideas, but the basis for our freedom.

  5. I don't fear them whatsoever - I know how to protect myself. I would much rather have a dialogue without threat of abuse or violence. Name calling like you did in your post seems very far from trying to have a viable debate or a dialogue. It seems you are angry and therefore would be violent and abusive to people that differ from your point of view one of pro-abortion.
    So according to what you said your personal views are that the government has no place in inserting itself in the decisions that effect the private lives of its citizens. Then it follows from your point of view that government inserting itself into the private life of the man that murdered George Tiller is wrong - quite interesting.
    So you have no evidence to support your claim that Pro-Life groups are praising this man for killing of George Tiller. Anyone can say what ever they want but it is another thing to give evidence to support it.
    Are you making the claim that whether the unborn is human or not and has value is based on someone's religious views. That is quite interesting so the biological field of embryology has nothing to say as to to when human life begins. How about producing some evidence for this claim.
    Oh by the way why don't you read the constitution and the bill of rights and what it says about humans - it is quite enlightening - it states that all humans have the right to life.

  6. I am glad that you would like a dialogue that is respectful. To that end may I suggest that you dispense with the assumptions, namely that you know whether or not I am angry, violent, abusive, pro-abortion or pro-life.

    I have read the rhetoric from the Army of God posts made by Bray and Holman on their own web site. Their comments are self evident. I am making no claims regarding the unborn. I have been discussing the nature of extremism in America.

    If you would like to continue the discussion on topic, extremism in America, I welcome your further comments. This is not a forum for pro-life discourse.

  7. Final note to Anonymous: Your last comment to this post continued in the same direction. No further comments will be accepted.

    Thank you for your interest.